University College London
Why did you decide to get Interview coaching and how did you hear about IB?
After a few unsuccessful interviews, I decided to take the complete coaching package to find out exactly why I wasn’t getting offered jobs from interviews. My friend from University recommended Interview Bull to me.
What was the most valuable part of your coaching session?
My interview coach was amazing. Not only did she pick up on the bad habits I tend to commit during interviews, she also highlighted my strong points and how to improve them further. I also learnt how to deal with situations where I can’t think of an answer. This was definitely one of the key highlights of my coaching sessions.
Do you feel that interview coaching with IB has improved your interview skills?
Yes, for sure. Thanks to Interview Bull I succeeded at interview and was offered an internship with Deloitte. I would strongly recommend this to anyone interested in securing a spring-week programme, internship or job. This is definitely something that will give you the edge over other candidates
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University of Bristol
What made you chose interview coaching with IB?
I got invited to interviews with the Civil Service and a few other big graduate employers so I wanted to learn how to structure my answers to sell myself at interview and get some extra practice to gain more confidence.
How was the feedback that you received during your session?
The feedback was so constructive and useful. My coach taught me how to structure my answers using a recognised framework. Having had a couple of phone interviews that hadn't gone particularly well, having a tailored coaching session with an experienced career coach reassured me of my web design, and interactive agency skills and experience and gave me confidence to perform at interview.
Did the coaching deliver results?
Absolutely. After a long (uncomfortable) wait, I received an offer from Civil Service, my first choice employer. I was also accepted onto the John Lewis graduate scheme. Thank you so much for your help. The training with IBI services definitely helped me and gave me that extra bit of confidence I needed. Now decision time!
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University of Warwick
Why did you book interview coaching with IB?
I had several interviews for trading roles but I couldn't understand why I wasn't being successful. Even though it seemed like the interviews went really well at the time, I wasn’t getting through to the next rounds. So, I was really looking for an experienced recruiter to give me feedback and help me identify my mistakes.
How would you rate your interview coaching session?
The coaching you get from IB is fantastic. The feedback is very constructive and my coach told me exactly where my weaknesses were. This gave me clear actions to take in order to improve.
What was the most important thing that you have gained from your training with IB?
I certainly feel a lot more confident now and I know exactly which areas I need to work on before my next interview. I am so glad there is a place like this to go for support.
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London School of Business
Why did you choose coaching with Interview Bull?
I was really impressed with the level of experience that Interview Bull has and the companies the interview coaches have worked at. I thought this would give me hands-on experience in competency-based interviewing and allow me to build my confidence before my real interview.
What did your coach cover during the session?
My coach highlighted precisely where my weaknesses were during the mock interview part of the coaching session. She gave me suggestions for how to tailor my answers to the specific competency and also gave me actions I should take to improve. She was really helpful throughout the session and gave me advice on other parts of my job applications.
How did your interviews go after your interview coaching session?
Thanks to Interview Bull I passed my interview with Morgan Stanley and have now been invited to their assessment centre. I was very impressed and decided to book a further package with Interview Bull to prepare for the next round. I now have a detailed understanding of what I need to work on to excel in any competency-based interview.
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Why were you interested in coaching?
I didn't have any interviews coming up at the time of the booking but I knew that I would be applying for Pre-Natal IVF Medical training contracts shortly so decided to get prepared in advance and get some help on my CV. I found IB through recommendations on social media and booked a complete 2 hour package to cover my CV and coaching on my interview technique.
How tailored was your training to the industry that you were interested in?
I thought the simulated interview environment was the best part of the session. The coach adjusted the questions to the IVF industry that I would be applying for. It gave me a good feel for what a real interview will be like. All of the feedback was very specific and it was clear that my coach had a lot of experience in the industry.
On top of interview coaching, what else did your package include?
As a part of the package, I also spent time with my coach looking over my CV and cover letter. Jo helped me to make sure it was concise and that it stood out for my employer. She also helped me with my pitch and answered all medical-related questions that I had.
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King's College London
Why did you choose IB?
I had a telephone interview coming up with one of the "Big Four" consultancy firms. It was my first competency-based interview experience so i wanted to make sure I performed at my best.
Did the coaching improve your competency based interview skills?
The competency based interview training was fantastic. The coach gave an insight into how you are actually assessed by the recruiters and we worked on the structure of my answers in great detail.
What did you gain as a result of your training?
As a result of the coaching session I gained a lot more confidence answering the questions and picking the best examples from my CV. I also got a good understanding of exactly what the employers are looking for.
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